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Passion for soup and sauces

Four Seasons Food develops and produces soups and sauces. We use innovative methods in our production process to ensure that taste, smell, color and texture of ingredients is optimally preserved. You really can taste the difference. We respect the world around us: we produce our soups in a sustainable manner, using energy efficiently, using natural ingredients wherever possible. Health and wellbeing is important to us: therefore we consider optimum nutritional values in the development of our products.

We have a passion for soups and sauces, and are continually working on new ideas for the development of new soups and sauces. In addition to this we also develop ragouts, stock, meals and meal components. We continually innovate through the use of sustainable/environmentally friendly packaging. Four Seasons Foods fulfills the highest quality standards through which we consistently guarantee high quality products. We supply our soups and sauces internationally under Private Label or under license to virtually all large retailers as well as the foodservice market.


Four Seasons Food develops and produces foods in stand up pouches of varying sizes: soups, sauces, stock and ragout as well as meals or meal components.

The raw materials and natural ingredients are dosed with ultimate freshness after which the packaging is sealed and briefly heat treated. This ensures that taste, bite (texture), colour and smell/scent of the meal is optimally preserved. Four Seasons Food closely collaborates with retail and food service firms internationally in the development and distribution of our products. We differentiate in the way we operate by developing exclusive products, quickly and flexibly in response to customer demand. We deliver this through our in-house up-to-date knowledge of products, processes and market developments.

We can make any soup: A richly filled vegetable soup as well as lobster bisque. A creamy tomato soup with mascarpone or an organic butternut squash soup.

We focus on sustainability in the production of all our products. A large part of our products is organic. Four Seasons Food has been certified to produce organic products and produces them for both supermarkets and specialists.

Sauces for vegetable, fish and meat based dishes. A delicate hollandaise sauce for salmon or a rich mushroom sauce to compliment a steak. We also provide meal sauces such as pasta sauce or cooking sauces.

Four Seasons Food packages all products in stand-up pouches. Varying from 100ml to 2 liters. Compared to other methods (such as jars, tins, paper or cardboard) these are more environmentally friendly and have a smaller carbon footprint. In addition stand-up pouches are user friendly.

Quality & Wellness

Quality and food safety are as obvious as ensuring the best taste and sustainability. Four Seasons Food complies with national and international legislation and standards for food safety. Four Seasons Food has been certified by the International Food Standards (IFS) at its highest level. IFS is an internationally recognized standard for food safety and quality.

In the development of our products we carefully observe guidelines for healthy food as issued by international bodies. We thereby don’t just focus on e.g. salt or saturated fat but also try to ensure the maximize use of healthy ingredients like vegetables, dairy based products, herbs and spices.
Four Seasons Foods has been certified for the production of organic food. This certification confirms we meet the stringent requirements to produce organic products.

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